Humanitarian Traces of
Angelina Jolie



Angelina Jolie arrived in Libya to visit the embattled city of Misrata, as well as express her solidarity with the nation.

Angelina Jolie joined Libyans to witness the country's new chapter after the ousting of Muammar Qaddafi.

"I have met with quite a lot of people, I have met with hospitals, some officials, many local Libyans. I drove around the city to see the destruction, I am sure you've seen, you've seen most of it and you know the situation, but I think what's extraordinary is that a lot of the people who are part of the solution and are working in positions of even military, and you find that just before the revolution they had retired, or were running restaurants or were selling baby clothes and they've all quit their jobs and they are all working here now on behalf of their country and they've all lost family members and they all have people that they have suffered casualties themselves."

Angelina Jolie met with National Transitional Council officials, Libya's current government to stress the importance of rebuilding the nation as well as developments in politics and society.

"Well I am here on a number of reasons not just the refugee situation. I am here to look at all the...this country is going through so much transition on so many levels and I think the important thing is not just food and it's not just these new sanitary conditions and these new laws that need to be put in place, it's all of these things at once so it's not just laws for refugees even though obviously I am focusing on that as well as people who have been here for migration issues as well as Libyans who are internally displaced and I am also here on be behalf of the Libyan people to show them solidarity."

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