Humanitarian Traces of
Angelina Jolie

un security council meeting in new york 2015


Angelina Jolie addresses the Security Council meeting on the continuing conflict in Syria and the humanitarian and refugee crises.

Since the Syria conflict began, Angelina Jolie had made 11 visits to refugees in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Malta.  
Relaying some of their tragic stories, she said, “I am here for them because this is their United Nations.” 

"Any one of the Syrians that I met would speak more eloquently about the conflict than I ever could," she said. "I'm here for them because this is their United Nations. Here, all countries and all peoples are equal. The purpose of the UN is to prevent and end conflict. To bring countries together; find diplomatic solutions and save lives. We are failing to do this in Syria."

Angelina Jolie said, that the international community has failing to end their suffering.  
Their hopes, which had been expressed to her on her first visit, were turning into anger and then resignation, misery and the bitter question:  “Why are we, the Syrian people, not worth saving?”

Noting that she was proud to be part of the United Nations system for 13 years and knew how many people were being assisted by the Organization.
"But all of this good is undermined by the message being sent in Syria: that laws can be flouted – chemical weapons can be used, hospitals can be bombed, aid can be withheld and civilians starved – with impunity."

The Council’s credibility and its ability to stem conflicts were eroding.  
Angelina Jolie called for unity in the Council on ending the conflict as a matter of urgency.  If the conflict could not be ended, there was a moral duty to help refugees and provide legal avenues to safety.  And the barbarism of those inflicting systematic sexual violence demanded a much greater response, starting with care for survivors.

"[...] I also urge the Security Council to visit Syrian refugees, to see first hand their suffering and the impact it is having on the region. Those refugees cannot come to this Council, so please, will you go to them."

As of 2015:

In the five years since civil war broke out in Syria, there are an estimated three million Syrian refugees in the Middle East region and another 50,000 who have sought asylum in more than 90 countries outside the region. The UNHCR says some 10.8 million Syrians needs humanitarian assistance, including 6.5 million internally displaced people.

Because of ongoing fighting, gaining access to provide humanitarian aid is difficult and at times impossible.

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