Humanitarian Traces of
Angelina Jolie

UN Peacekeeping in New York 2019


Building on ongoing efforts to strengthen peacekeeping operations through the Secretary-General's Initiative for Peacekeeping Operations (A4P) and previous ministries and peacemakers for peacekeeping operations, the meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss and promote the specific capabilities needed for the United Nations current peacekeeping operations. 

The aim is for ministers from around the world to actively support their commitment to United Nations peacekeeping. 

The ministry aims in particular at: 

  • To create specialized, high-performance United Nations peacekeeping capabilities to meet evolving needs and meet new challenges, in particular high-performance capabilities, quick-to-deploy capabilities, francophone units and more women looking after peace; 
  • Strengthening compliance with training and performance standards, including the handling of safety and security issues; 
  • and Use political impetus to support the United Nations in its reform efforts and to further support Member States' support for the implementation of the A4P commitments.



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