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Time 01.12.2021 - Angelina Jolie: 'We Cannot Rest in Our Fight.' Angelina Jolie Talks to Dr. Denis Mukwege About Supporting

Time 20.08.2021 - Angelina Jolie: The People of Afghanistan Deserve So Much Better Than This

Time 08.07.2021 - Angelina Jolie: We Need to Understand the Human Cost of Burkina Faso’s Refugee Crisis

Washington Post 13.05.2019 - Opinion: Here’s how to ensure Afghan women are protected after the U.S. withdrawal

Time 17.03.2021 - Angelina Jolie Talks to Elif Shafak About Why Men Need to Be Engaged in the Fight for Women's Rights

Time 08.03.2021 - Angelina Jolie Talks to Director Jasmila Zbanic About Quo Vadis, Aida? and the Role of Art in Healing Trauma

Time 18.02.2021 - Angelina Jolie: Millions of Children Are in Danger. We're Not Doing Enough to Protect Them

Time 09.10.2020 - Angelina Jolie: How the Pandemic Is Hurting Women in a World That Already Didn't Care About Them

Los Angeles Times 12.08.2020 - Angeline Jolie: Why children suffer more violence amid COVID-19

Time 18.06.2020 - Angelina Jolie: The World's Refugee Crisis Is Bad Now—But It's Only Going to Get Worse

The NY Times 09.05.2020 - Angelina Jolie: A Mother’s Strength

Time 12.04.2020 - Angelina Jolie: Children Seem to Be Less Vulnerable to the Coronavirus. Here's How the Pandemic May Still Put Them at Risk

Time 25.03.2020 - Angelina Jolie: Closing Schools Has Derailed the Lives of Kids All Over the World. Here's How We Can Help Them Keep Learning

CNN 09.03.2020 - Angelina Jolie: What we must do for Afghan women

Time 08.03.2020 - Angelina Jolie: Why Girls Deserve Love and Respect on International Women's Day

Time 20.02.2020 - Angelina Jolie: The Cost of Inaction in Syria is Too High

Time 20.11.2019 - Angelina Jolie Interviews One of the Drafters of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Children: ‘Children Need to Know Their Rights’

Time 24.10.2019 - Angelina Jolie: Medical Advances in Women's Health Are Important. But They're Only Part of the Picture

Time 12.09.2019 - Angelina Jolie: Climate Change Is Already Displacing Millions of People. It's Our Responsibility to Help Them

Time 31.07.2019 - Angelina Jolie: The Crisis We Face at the Border Does Not Require Us to Choose Between Security and Humanity

Time 19.06.2019 - Angelina Jolie: What we owe refugees

Washington Post 22.04.2019 - the joint op-ed of Angelina Jolie and Heiko Maas 10.04.2019 - Angelina Jolie: Why Women Are the Key to Lasting Peace in Afghanistan

Evening Standard 23.11.2018 - Angelina Jolie: No perpetrators of rape in conflict should ever get away with their crimes             

Global Citizen 30.08.2018 - Education is a key: Angelina Jolie Pens Heartfelt Op-Ed on Refugee Children

CNN 29.08.2018 - Angelina Jolie: A tale of two refugee girls

The Economist 19.06.2018 - Angelina Jolie: How to alleviate the refugee crisis

Harpers Bazaar 11.10.2017 Angelina Jolie Writes a Letter to You from Namibia

The Guardian 10.12.2017 - the joint op-ed of Angelina Jolie and Jens Stoltenberg

Citizen of Humanity 05.02.2017 -Giles Duley by Angelina Jolie 

The NY Times 02.02.2017 - op-ed Angelina Jolie: Refugee policy should be based on facts not fear

The NY Times 27.01.2015 - op-ed of Angelina Jolie: A new Level of Refugee suffering

 HuffPost 19.06.2018 - A letter from Mosul 2018


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Angelina Jolie's Book : “Notes from My Travels: Visits with Refugees in Africa, Cambodia, Pakistan and Ecuador”