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My World – Cultivating media literacy skills

Introducing My World, BBC Learning and BBC World Service, in partnership with Microsoft Education deliver a powerful global media literacy program for educators and students ages 10 through 16, designed to help kids determine fact from fiction in the news. With factual episodes executive produced by Angelina Jolie and BBC World Service, this initiative intends to help teach students about global news and encourage them to become engaged critical thinkers about what they see and hear in the news.

Angelina says: “There has never been a time when it was more important to introduce the next generation to objective, impartial news and factual explanation of the events and issues shaping our world. Children today are exposed to a lot of opinion, but not necessarily to information that is fact-based and reliable.
As a mother, I am very pleased that the BBC World Service is taking this step. It is also important to me that the project is global, and will help young people in different countries to be connected to each other and to have greater awareness and understanding of the news on an international basis.”

All Facts about Coronavirus by BBC My World all Videos here


Episode 1

In this first episode of the new My World series we ask do protests work and can trees save the planet? Plus champion skateboarder Sky Brown shares her 2020 Olympic dreams, and young people speak out on what matters to them.


Episode 2

In the second episode of the My World series, we ask what’s causing Australia’s wildfires and take a deeper look at the look at the destruction left behind.

Plus, WWE Superstar Roman Reigns sits down to talk about his career, his family and his recent fight against leukaemia.



Episode 3

In the third episode of the new My World series we ask what’s it like living on the frontline in Afghanistan, and how can island nations be saved from rising sea levels. Plus, we meet one young person who risked it all to escape North Korea for a new life.


Episode 4

In the forth episode of the new My World series the greatest gymnast in the world, Simone Biles, answers questions from you. Also this week: There are more young people in Brazilian jails than anywhere else in Latin America - what's being done to turn around the lives of teenage girls in prison? Plus, we ask: why aren't cigarettes illegal?


Episode 5

This week: a BBC My World Amazon rainforest special programme featuring teenagers who live there and want to save it.      What does the future hold for the next generation of people who live there? We meet the indigenous teenagers trying to preserve their way of life and a ranching family who moved to the Amazon in search of opportunities. Plus astronaut Luca Parmitano from the European Space Agency joins us on the International Space Station for the view of the Amazon from space

Episode 6

This week, we go behind the scenes with Indian YouTuber Carry Minati who tells BBC My World how he became an online star. We tell you everything you need to know about Coronavirus. Plus, are school exams a good way of learning or are students having to sit too many of them?

Episode 7

This week: Have you ever wondered what our lives might look way off in the future? In this episode we find out what food we’ll be eating, what jobs we’ll be doing and how long it'll be before we can live on the moon. We meet the futurists; experts whose actual job is to predict the future. We also look at mental health. Around one in five young people experience mental health problems worldwide. We explore how two countries are trying to solve the problem. Plus, should all 16 year olds be able to vote?  Only eleven countries and islands currently allow it but is it time this changes? We look at voting rights for young people around the world. 

Episode 8
This week on BBC My World - is Brazil the most dangerous place in the world to be a feminist? What's a 'kill list' and why are young women risking their lives to speak out against femicide? The BBC 's Gender & Identity Correspondent Megha Mohan travels to Mare, a favela in Rio de Janeiro, to meet some of the women fighting for equality. Plus - your questions - this week Elena in Bulgaria asked us to explore the benefits of social media. We often hear about bad it is for us but what about the positive impact social media can have on our lives? Plus watch our interview with Fadumo Dayib, the first woman to run for President in Somalia despite receiving death threats for trying. Even though she didn’t win, Fadumo told My World why she’s determined to stand again.

Episode 9

In this episode we meet Mehwish Hayat. She’s one of Pakistan’s biggest movie stars and we caught up with her to hear why she cares so much about gender equality and strong on-screen roles for women. Also, we go under water to find out how marine life is being threatened by rising water temperatures. They cover most of the Earth's surface but what more should we be doing more to protect our ocean from the effects of climate change? Plus, after the biggest year for Esports, what does the future hold for competitive gaming?

Episode 10

This is a special programme with everything you need to know about the Coronavirus global pandemic. We have advice and information on how to stay safe as well as showing you how people are spreading positivity around the world. We ask: What is a virus? Can we stop it spreading? How long will it be before a vaccine is found? We've created a step-by-step guide to washing your hands and we give you the low down on whether face masks work. Experts give you their advice about mental health and what you can do if you're feeling worried or anxious. Plus, we hear from teenagers in Italy and South Korea about what it's like living in isolation. How is Coronavirus affecting you where you are? Tell us in the comments and subscribe to our channel!