Humanitarian Traces of
Angelina Jolie

Peace is fragile, and can only be sustained when local people are building it. We can all play our own part to support them, to build a world free from violent conflict in which people do not need to flee their homes to survive. It starts with each of us, one person at a time. 

So I decide to create this website and dedicated it to the tireless commitment, power and work of Angelina Jolie.

In addition to summarizing Angelina Jolie's indescribable commitment, this website is intended to provide a simple explanation of the context of conflicts in the crisis areas - and perhaps creates a little more understanding for the refugees and their tragic situations.


Angelina Jolie previously represented UNHCR as a Goodwill Ambassador from 2001-2012.  

After years of dedicated service the cause of refugees, Angelina Jolie was appointed Special Envoy of UNHCR in April 2012.

She has carrying out 65 field missions and becoming an influential voice on refugee and displacement matters and drives the change in the crisis areas.

Angelina Jolie - the voice of the refugees and strong for the weak.